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Meg is committed to being involved in the community and regularly offers paintings for encan as well as donations to support various causes.


Virtual Encan (Coming May 2023)

SAFE - Sanctuary for farm animals in the Eastern Townships

We would like to share with you Meg young painter how much we are not only grateful but also touched by this generous and compassionate gesture for our residents. We hope one day to meet you and introduce them to you in person. 💖

A big thank you also to everyone who participated. 🌟🙏 💕

Our heart is filled with gratitude and strength to continue. 🌷🧡🌈

Virtual Encan: April 2023, $2500 raised

Meg is auctioning the "STAR" artwork for The Lighthouse, Children and Families of Montreal, inspired by the shining star, to light the way for every child with palliative care needs. 

All proceeds will be donated to The Lighthouse.

Virtual Encan March 31 - April 5, 2022

Message from: The Lighthouse, Children and Families

Megane, this inspiring young artist, has auctioned off her work named "Star" and will donate $875 to The Lighthouse, the full amount raised. A big thank you Meg young artist 💖

Your gesture touches our hearts


Message from: Marie-Josée Goulet

What a great gesture from you Meg to have offered the proceeds from the auction of this painting. You have made many happy, including me, the new owner of this magnificent work "Star" which now shines next to the "Quarter Moon". Keep up the good work, beautiful full color paintings. They bring a smile to our face and a sense of well-being just looking at them. Bravo 👏! 


Meg donated $500 to the Centre Refuge Nymous and proudly became the "godmother" of the Mr. Mudoch" possum.

Message from the Centre Refuge Nymous

Rachel Ouve: Hi * Meg * we thank you so much for your kindness and generosity 🙂  You are an inspiring young lady who shines an amazing light for many! * Murdoch * is proud to have a colorful artist sponsor 🙂  Take good care of yourself  ❤  Centre Refuge Nymous 🙏


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