Certificate of studies
in Art History of Quebec
(Academy of Visual Arts CIAAZ)


Since 2018

Private lessons with Marie-Josée Lépine, painter


Specialization in interest in visual arts group


Private lessons with Maurice Louis, painter (instigator of the "artistic Métallurgisme")


During exploration, Art


Paint shop (10 weeks) - Semi-private - with Maurice Louis

Mégane Fortin was born in Quebec City in 2007.  She has always been passionate about colors and drawing.  Then, at the age of 7, she began painting with the French-Canadian artist Maurice Louis.

In 2015, while the Town of Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury asked Maurice Louis to organize introductory workshops on abstract painting for the city's children, Mégane met him by registering for the workshops.  For 10 weeks, every Sunday, Mégane develops a real passion for abstract painting.  Following this workshop, for a year, she took other courses in the visual arts and explored new mediums, but it is undeniably the painting that holds its full attention.

In 2016, Mégane's mother asked Maurice Louis to become her private teacher.  A new artistic adventure begins with this unusual mentoring.  In 18 months, she signed 19 paintings of her artist name: MEG.  A few months later, they both exhibit at the Jean-Luc-Grondin Library, located in Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury.  This exhibition reveals the young artist to the Quebec public.  Their exposure is of such magnitude that all MEG's works are sold in a few days.  Many collectors acquired his works, some of which left for the old continent.  The public, really touched by his works full of emotions, go so far as to write him letters to testify their experience to rub them with the daily newspaper.  The benefits felt go well beyond the purely aesthetic appreciation.  During the opening of their exhibition, Mayor Robert Miller announced that the City was going to buy one of his works - a first for the Municipality.  "It's very important for an artist to be recognized by his community," says the mayor during the opening.  He will also add: "Mégane, from the height of your nine years, you show a lot of courage and determination.  I wish you to continue on this road!"  The young artist has also generously donated one of her creations to the elementary school she attends.


During this first official experience, MEG appeared in newspapers, on radio and television, including TVA and Radio-Canada, where she sometimes painted live.  His works are then exhibited in the United States, Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Several galleries in Europe are eager to expose the young Canadian.


Meanwhile, Maurice Louis and MEG meet a few times a month to create, until May 2018 where they presented a second exhibition in duet.  It is in Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier that this exhibition takes place.  MEG, once again, sells almost all of his works. 
In June 2018, MEG changes teachers to explore new techniques.  The artist Marie-Josée Lépine becomes her new mentor.  It will allow him to further deepen abstract painting. 
In the same vein, she joined the ArtZoom International Artists Collective (CIAAZ), which oversees her work and opens up new professional horizons.  In July, she is officially appraised by an art expert.  Its value in the art market is established in Canada, the United States and Europe.  In September, she presents her very first personal exhibition entitled "Envol" because MEG has definitely taken off.  His works are presented in Los Angeles (USA), whose opening takes place in January 2019, marking the beginning of an exceptional year for the Stoneham artist.


In March, still in Los Angeles, MEG represented Quebec as part of the French Film Festival.  In April and May, she participated in the international exhibition "Internation'ART" in Roberval and won the Public Prize for the quality of her works on display.  In September, other exhibitions await him in Stoneham, Mascouche and, again,
in Los Angeles (USA).  It is also the first time that the artist travels with his works out of the country.  In addition to its ever-growing exhibitions, recognition is also gaining ground with the CIAAZ Artistic Discovery Award and expertise that doubles the artist's value on Canadian soil.


Today, MEG permanently exhibits in Montreal at the Galerie L'Artisan Moderne and is present in the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art VR 3D (MACVR3D) located in Longwy (France).


Since her debut, Megan has accumulated interviews on television and radio.  We are interested in her until Europe and the United States.  It is indexed in several directories of Canadian professional artists.

Written by HeleneCaroline Fournier, expert in art and art theorist - Revised biography in October 2019



Since 2015, the young Stoneham artist has developed more and more her own style, especially from 2015 to 2018, under the watchful eye of her first mentor, Maurice Louis, who was the first to say that Mégane had "reflexes impressive".

MEG takes a step back before applying the color.  She looks at her canvas from different angles before continuing.  The harmony and balance of the masses demonstrate that she knows what she is doing.

Since June 2018, MEG has had the pleasure of working with its new mentor, Marie-Josée Lépine.  This painter who took over explains: "Mégane creates with the energy of childhood, with a control and a technique that she seems to have mastered for years.  She dares. And his paintings, pure and powerful, make you want to dive."

The young artist also expresses herself on her art: "It looks like I'm free!  I like to create things, I like working with colors and making big movements with my arms.  I also like to go near my canvas to paint and then back to see the result.  I have a lot of things in my head, ideas of what I want to paint." Abstract painting is the visual form of one's emotions.  "Painting allows me to express my emotions," Mégane says.  "For me, every color is an emotion."  Art is essential to one's personal balance.

In 2019, the artist evolved into other work tools.  It is not uncommon to see her use pipettes in her work as well as knives to paint, which remains her tool of choice.

"My job is to let it go and see what path it will take and to take it to go further," said Marie-Josée Lépine who offers him the most tools to lead the way.  "I do not have a direct intervention on her canvas," she explains.


Acrylic on canvas

Worked mainly with a knife and brush, but also with the technique of dripping.